This project developed a new 95,000 sf facility located immediately adjacent to the All Saints’ Anglican Church on Broadway Avenue. The mixed use facility includes residential, commercial, community, and onsite parking and is a key contributor to the West Broadway neighborhood. The project targeted LEED silver throughout design and construction. This development provides an ongoing revenue stream to support church worship, programming, and community outreach activities.
Fresh air is supplied by a reverse-flow high efficiency energy recovery system. Minimum winter efficiencies of 88% are expected at peak days, allowing for lower energy demand requirements to condition outdoor air to the building. Suite level heating and cooling is accomplished by water source heat pumps. A primary–secondary hydronic system was utilized for the water side of the heat pumps. In heating operation, high efficiency natural gas boilers are used on the primary hydronic loop to inject the required heat into the secondary heat pump hydronic loop. This piping arrangement allowed for lower return water temperatures to take advantage and gain the efficiency of the condensing boiler flue gas. In cooling operation, the hydronic heat pump loop is diverted to a plate and frame heat exchanger where it can reject heat to closed loop adiabatic fluid cooler system.

Year Completed: 2021