The 308 Colony St. Development is a 15,000 s.m., 21-storey building with 214 residential dwelling units and two commercial units on the main floor. The energy efficient systems deliver greater than 55% energy savings over the National Energy Code for Buildings, and an annual energy use index (TEUI) of less than 80 kWhr/m2 per year, as well as achieving the CAGBC Zero Carbon Building certification. The aggressive targets were achieved with a unique combination of solar-thermal panels, cold climate air-source heat pumps, and ventilation energy recovery. Energy use is offset with a 1312 s.m. façade area of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) in addition to the rooftop solar-thermal array. Epp Siepman Engineering developed the energy concepts and conducted energy modeling and analysis to meet the requirements of the federal FCM-SAH Sustainable Affordable Housing, CAGBC-ZCB and Efficiency Manitoba program submissions. The project was certified in February 2024 as both the first and the tallest high-rise building in Canada to receive the CAGBC Zero Carbon Building Design Standard Certification.

Year Completed: In Construction