Epp Siepman Engineering provided consulting services for a new greenhouse complex in Dauphin intended for year-round production of vine-ripened tomatoes. Phase 1 of the greenhouse was constructed in 2022 and consists of 12 acres of production area under glass, with another 5 acres planned for Phase 2. The support building contains a refrigerated warehouse, administrative offices, and the boiler room. The central heating system is based on four firetube boilers (25,600 MBH each) connected to a large external buffer tank. The boilers have condensing heat recovery sections used for low-grade heat and CO2 capture which circulates CO2 to the greenhouse to aid plant growth. All external roof drainage is captured for re-use in a large holding pond. Internal condensation is collected and re-used on the filtered water side. Heat transfer in the greenhouse is via radiant pipe rails at floor level, unit heaters, and a snow melt system serving the troughs in the glass roof. Grow lighting and controls in the greenhouse are designed for optimizing the year-round operation. A geothermal heating & cooling loop is buried under the holding pond and will be used for the office and warehouse heating & cooling system.

Year Completed: 2023