Epp Siepman Engineering worked with Bird Construction as base-building mechanical and electrical engineering consultants for a plant protein production facility. The 94,000 s.f. facility was designed and constructed in 18 months. The plant creates food-grade quality proteins extracted from Canadian-sourced peas and canola with capacity to process 25,000 tonnes of raw material per year.

The mechanical base systems designed to support the plant process equipment include an 800 hp high pressure steam boiler plant with energy recovery delivering high pressure steam to processes, with flash steam is recovered to serve the base building heating loads. Free-cooling air cooled chillers provide year-round process cooling demands.

Electrical systems include a customer owned substation and 12kV distribution feeding three 3MVA transformers and 600V, 4000A building distributions, with accommodations to add a future fourth distribution as the building load grows.  Process power and controls are managed through central power and control panels fed from the distribution. LED lighting illuminates the entire plant, office and exterior areas.

Year Completed: 2020