Manitou a Bi Bii Daziigae (originally known as The Innovation Centre) is a 100,000 sqft major expansion by RRC Polytech for the Exchange District Campus which brings up to 1200 new students to the Exchange Campus, a catalyst for innovation in downtown Winnipeg and the surrounding Exchange District. The building was designed for an energy use intensity (EUI) of 100 kwh/sqm and targeting near net zero carbon. The mechanical systems contributing to those targets include central heat recovery chillers which recover heat energy from cooling generation to heat the building perimeter, active radiant heating and cooling slabs, and active chilled beams throughout. The central ventilation systems recovers exhaust heat energy to preheat incoming ventilation air at 88% efficiency. Stormwater recovery utilizes rainwater from the roof for toilet flushing. Photovoltaic panels on the roof and integrated in the building façade provide on-site power.

Year Completed: 2021